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We just trunkin' it up over here..... I know corny

On August 11th, the family and I gave Sierah and Zaria a nice trunk party at a community room in the neighborhood. I put all my energy and focus into giving them a nice party with friends and family. I needed this to get my mind off the past, off the negativity that was surrounding me. The party was so lovely family I haven't seen in years came and show the girls love. I got to meet some of the girls Buffalo friends. It was so nice. I created a photo booth. I cooked a ton of food everyone basically ate was happy and

Guess what? I was so busy with the party my guy had to buy cake. (Insert slap to the forehead here) I even baked the cake I just had no time to decorate it. I usually don't do fashion, but here goes I wore my Fashion Nova two piece set called Netflix and chill. There was no Netflix and Chill going on. My feet were cooked, but we all enjoyed every minute. I would do it all again. It's week whatever and I still haven't sent out Thank you cards DAMMIT!! It really was the best.

Click the link if you want the Netflix and Chill it was so comfy and I felt fab.

Anywho enjoy the pics.


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