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Meet the face
behind the posts

Hi! I'm Tiqua a mom just making it like you.

I have wrote this "About Me" about a thousand times just wanting it to be perfect! I have had this blog stuck in my head for a thousand years!  Finally here it is!!

I really wanted it to be perfect. Nothing is ever perfect and this blog isn't about being perfect it's about moms coming together to hustle to raise the best little humans and finding a balance to enjoy life as well for ourselves. 

So, in a nutshell I'm an employee, entrepreneur, mom of course, daughter, niece, aunt, best friend, and so many other roles. I created this blog to help other moms find new and different was to hustle up income, vent, get information, get support. All that stuff we moms need occasionally. Share it let it out here! 

I have a cake business called Sweet Treats By Tiqua, I am an ordained officiant, I was a certified wedding and event planner, and now a blogger! I actually took courses on blogging!! Oh and an Operation Manager by day.


I have days where my bed is my best friend and I just don't want to Adult!!!There are always going to be a few days here and there like that. 


We are growing and learning together to wipe out those sulky days. 

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