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10 Things I Can't Live Without

It's ME!! You see me being consistent and all! I love my blog and I am focus to work on her!! So here is the 10 things I can't live without

1) Talking to God! I talk to God everyday mainly in the morning and whenever I need HIM! It takes such a weight off me to do this. I feel at time the life I have is heavy at times and so much is expected of me. Telling Him my stress,burdens, heartaches and giving it to him gives me clarity. Now I give him my joy too. I don't just cry about the troubles. He is the first one I tell of my joys. I know He knows I just have to tell Him and thank you Him.

2) Sierah my daughter. I love her endlessly, but since she's been away at college and then the added time away, because of Rona I miss her a lot. When she Face-Times me if she only knew how much joy it brings to my heart it's like magic it instantly changes my mood. Every call every text is so precious. Does she know this? Of course not I gotta play it cool, but she's a superstar to me!

3) Talking and harassing my mom and aunt each My immediate family has gotten kind of small over

the last 19 years and I don't want to miss out on showing them my love. When my Aunt Gina passed way in 2012 it tore me up. Every morning on my way to work she talked to me on the phone until I got there. You are talking about years of routine for me. Even when I use to work downtown and had to take the train we would talk until we got cut off and then I call her soon as I had signal. Never thought she would be gone and definitely not that soon. That break in my life hurt so much and she kind of prepared me for it, but in my mind we would be right back doing our thing. Here's a pic of my girls. My Aunt Wendy is on the left, my mom in the middle and my Aunt Gigi at the end. Sidebar they are in the wrong age order Wendy should be at the end she is the youngest and Gigi should be first on the left. Mom's good she's the middle

4) Harassing the Man prior to him being the man I was already harassing him. It felt like my job to give him a hard time. Now that he's the man it's pretty much a 24/7 job. Poor NOT and yes I see the pattern of me harassing my love ones. It's a job I do

5)My Daddy It's how I say it. My grandfather(aka Daddy) a fabulous and amazing man! He is bought me this robe Christmas 1999 and I have been wearing it ever since. If you know Daddy Christmas is not his thing so the fact he bought me something specifically for Christmas and it came from him I was never letting it go. He didn't wrap it he just said here gal...I LOVE IT!!My family makes fun of me but they better leave my daddy robe alone. I love it and cherish it forever!! I already told Sierah when I go put my robe in the coffin with me. For whatever wild reason she thinks it should be her's when I I will haunt that child!

6) Tea!! Specifically Yogi tea! I drink 1-2 cups of tea a day it is necessary!! Since Rona has been around maybe 5 cups a day.. These are my flavors Green Tea Super Antioxidant, Kava Stress Relief I have this one at home and work she is necessary!! I am too old to wear prison orange. DeTox, BedTime and let me tell you I was on the iHerb website making sure I spell Super Antioxidant right and I just found 3 more I want to add to the rotation. Tea is LIFE!!!

A Cup of Tea is Like having a Bath on the Inside!! I saw that on Pinterest!!

7) A made bed! I do not understand how people get out of the bed and not make it!! The man drives me insane he has no bed etiquette. Seeing a made bed instantly puts a smile on my face. Getting into a made bed feels so good and inviting... I think I need a

8) A comforter! I don't care if it's 1000 degrees outside I need a comforter on me. I can't sleep!! The man can sleep with no sheet or comforter it's bed blasphemy!! He also can sleep on top of the sheet which when we first started this sleeping thing I was soo confused... The man has no bed etiquette I tell you!

9) Rose Gold!! The man got me my first taste of Rose Gold and my life has been forever change!! I want rose gold everything!! Drip baby Drip!!! Sneakers, jacket, phone! You name it I wants it!!

10) Sleep Aid!! I know, I know how that may sound is Tiqua an addict! No I am not. Over the years I have become such a light sleeper and now sometimes I need help to get that deep sleep. It's annoying to me, becasue I want to get that good good coma sleep, but it escapes me. I look at the man when he sleeps and he is GONE nothing can wake him. I honestly can't think of the last time I had a good night well rested natural sleep with no interruptions.

So there you have it 10 Things I Can't Live Without! What's your 10 things. Tell me click the link or click the doggie


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