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Life in the pandemic! This is how I'm making it..

Life in 2020! I had a grand vision for my 40th trip around the sun and no where did I ever say world pandemic. The entire world is on time out. Going outside is now in some places illegal. I have seen videos of animals roaming freely without worries or fears of us interrupting their lives. I've seen videos of rivers, streams, bays clear waters and having life. People are no longer polluting which reminds you people are the problem and the planet would be fine without humans.

Life is just crazy. I have been managing and I guess that's because I'm kind of a homebody anyway. I do love the occasional brunch or activity out with friends and family;but for the most part I'm home trying to figure out life.

Early in March when it was slowly hitting the fan. My aunt and I decided to have my daughter and cousin(my aunt's daughter) stay at their college instead of coming home for spring break and that was best decision we could of ever made for them. Yes of course we miss them, but I

much rather them healthy, safe, and alive. Cases out there are low and virtually zero compared to here in NYC. Our number here in the city keeps rising and soo many people have lost their lives. I still have to work, but on a modified schedule. So I go into the lab twice a week and it's just me and 1 co-worker and it's always the same coworker. The rest of the week I work from home doing as much as I can. It's a little exhausting, because I want to make sure I can get as much done and the lab is fully functioning not needed anything.

The supermarkets are getting a little better, but my favorite errand to run is now my least favorite to run. Sometimes you have to wait outside to get in trying to keep the social distancing in check. Sometimes when you finally get in there they don't have the main stuff you came for. So there goes an hour of my life I can't get back.

I have been trying to use the time to work on my ideas. It gets discouraging at times, but I have the time which I am grateful for I have definitely been posting more blog post getting more comfortable and that is definitely a plus.

There are things I want to do at home, but I am actually being responsible and refraining we don't know how long this will last so saving money keeping my bills paid, food in my house, and food in those young ladies dorms is all I care about. I am grateful I am not struggling. I pray for those who are having difficulty being alone or difficulty providing for their family's.

This pandemic has made it hard to love your love ones properly and honor them properly. Normal funerals and wakes are not allowed. There are now live streamed and that's if the funeral home is equipped to provide that. It's mind boggling.

Last Tuesday, April 13th my daughter's great grandmother passed away. Grandma Cora I claim grandma as my own. She will always be loved and missed. She loved her family and it hurts we can't be there to celebrate here life and our love for her. Celebrate the wonderful grandma she always was to us. 90 trips around the sun she did. We've been to Puerto Rico together, countless family functions together. When my granddad passed it was her and my cousin Charmayne that held me when I broke down. She was right there to comfort me in one of the hardest days of my life.

Tu quiero mucho Grandma.

Family is important! Never get to busy or not busy with your life that you forget your family and the people that really matter to you so you have no regrets or wishes and should of, and could of.

So to sum up my pandemic life. I'm taking it day by day and loving and trusting God.

Oh yeah and the eyebrow place is closed too sooo don't look at s


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