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Travel Bucket List

One positive thing that has come out of this quarantine. Well semi-quarantine for me. I still have to show up to the day job a few times a week which isn't so bad,but my day is so packed for making up for the days I wasn't there. So the positive that has come out of this semi-quarantine is I am thinking more and researching more topics to talk about here. Which is good, because that means I am writing more and really putting in the work. I do love my blog. I just want it to be epic.

So here we go. I picked 10 I of course have more the whole dame world. These 10 are the ones I must before I die

1) New Zealand

For me New Zealand is where all the magic happens. Some of my favorite shows and movies were done there. It is a must to visit. Lord of the Rings, Xena: Warrior Princess, The Hobbit, Avatar, The Shanara Chronicles, and Hercules: The Legendary Journey. I am sure there are so many more, but those are my favs. Which makes New Zealand #1 on my list.

2) Australia

The birthplace of the Kangaroo and Koala. I mean do I really need to go deeper than that.

3) Egypt

Queens, Pharaohs and pyramids oooooh and camels! Minus the slavery of he Hebrews. Egypt is it! I can see me dressed in a beautiful linen outfit taking a picture next to my homie the camel!

4) Disneyland Paris

I get to see Mickey and have a real croissant and see the Eiffel tower. You must know by now I am a Disney girl! So this would be like Christmas to me. Maybe this should of been #2

5) The Northern Lights

Who doesn't have the Northern Lights on their travel bucket list. I am tired of seeing it on TV. I did some research and the best spots to see it is either in Fairbank Alaska or Greenland. Both are cold so which ever! Maybe Greenland so I can get a new stamp in my passport book.

6) Africa

I know Africa has many countries within, but I am kind of focused on Kenya/ Nairobi. I would love to stay at the Giraffe Manor and the Solio Lodge. Having breakfast with a Giraffe sounds so peaceful and amazing to me or waking up to see rhinos just walking around doing what rhinos do sprinkle of elephant here and there and maybe even a wildebeest. I love animals and to see them in their natural home roaming free instead of at a zoo. Would be a dream come true.

7) Bora Bora

Bora Bora has been on my mind for the last 8 years. Waking up in a bungalow that's on the water seeing the fish benefit my feet. It's an experience. Relaxing and letting the sound of the ocean put me to sleep instead of the sound of ambulance or people arguing about nothing. It would be a good change. No a great change.

8) Peru

I just love all the colors when I just google Peru. One of my favorite travel Instagramers went recently and I just love every picture and video he posted. To see their culture, try the food, and hangout with some Alpacas why not. Visit Machu Picchu see the ancient Incan City. Life is about learning and experiencing and I am ready. Just need this whole quarantine thing to go away.

9) Swiss Alps, Switzerland

I feel like I can smell the crisp fresh air already. I have gone skiing once in my life I was 17 years old. I did not have the best time. I would definitely give the Swiss Alps a try. See the beautiful lakes do some real mountain climbing. Not like I do here in the Bronx.

10) Guyana

My last one is Guyana. I did a DNA check and it was on the list so let's see how some of my ancestors live.


I hope you enjoyed my travel bucket list. Send me your list!! Any of mine on your list? Click the pic below and lets travel chat!


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