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There is Always a Reason

You know I complain about not having content to write and I go through my phone and I have all these experiences I've went through.

Rosie and I went to see Erykah Badu at the Barclay center a man fell on my head. How, could I've forgot that? He had to be about 380lbs my neck was killing me. My neck just did a ping now having a flashback. The concert was great!! Erykah is a fab performer I loved it. She had on Timb's doesn't get any better than that. Crazy good stuff!

Sierah and Zaria had prom, award ceremonies, graduation. Like how did I not share these milestones with you guys. It's just crazy I'm slipping. The girls look beautiful, I'm so proud of both of them.

The man and I went to see Marlon at Levity. YES! again and he was still freaking hilarious.I know he remembered us. I mean how could you forget such a fab couple like us.

Rosie and I went to Curlfest at Randall's Island. It was pretty much hot and tired feet, but we had a great time great food good music. I can't complain that's a bunch of things going on. How on earth can I feel like I don't have content. I have to start looking at things with better more inquisitive eyes. If I did all these events would of been documented and shared with you guys. No use crying over the past. I'm here now!

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