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The Nest is EMPTY! I repeat the nest is EMPTY

Sierah and Zaria are in college now. We drove up toe Buffalo on Thursday the 22nd of August. What an experience and a long damn ride. I am so proud of both of them. They left home off to college plotting their life course. I wish I would of extended the rental make it an even lovelier experience. The man and I had a pretty great weekend when we got back. We went to the mall caught a movie we saw Angel has Fallen with Morgan Freeman and Gerald Butler. It was really good. and the next day we went to the Bronx Zoo. I loved it. Hate the animals are captive but love being in their presence seeing them move make sounds right in my face. It's amazing.

Ohhh... could I forget we stayed in this beautiful hotel that used to be an asylum way back when and it sort of kind of look like it, but the insides was so beautiful they gave us a little history tour. I can't wait to go back. Click the link so you can take in all that fabness. Hotel Henry Urban Resort

What you do this summer tell me click the link and let me know.


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