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Just Breathe

Lately, I find myself mentally running on a hamster wheel. My mind is always racing. Trying to figure out my purpose. Trying to make ends meet. Trying to stay ahead of the bills, work, relationships, and take a shower.

I find that I'm just drowning and basically doing nothing. I put this goal of how much money I needed a month to be comfy and ahead of my own stuff. Well it's not hitting in fact it just added another level of stress and disappointment. I've decided to just focus on me my mental, my health and the stuff I can control. I have made it this far so I can just breathe. I have stress every where work, home, cakes, and I just want the storm to be quiet.

I have so many ideas; good ideas flowing through my head. They all cost money to launch so it gives me stress. I guess that's pretty natural.

I want to take a project manager course at Monroe College, that's $600 so for right now that's on hold. I feel like life just passes me by because I'm not investing i myself. Things happen for a reason so I am going to just breathe spend the next week on more me because I'm worth it. Educate myself on the things that I am working on now and that I can approve. The course will always be there, because I always wanted to take it this time it really hurt that I couldn't.


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