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Life is constantly changing everyday. every moment. We have an opportunity each and every time to choose. I started doing mirror works about 5 weeks ago and I was having much better days and then I hit a snag. The past came to my present and threw me off my game. My happiness and self love that I worked so hard on was replaced with anger, sadness, and strength. It wasn't the good strength. It was the strength you put a wall up everyone can go to hell and I dare you to challenge me or say something to me. It took a lot and it beat me down.

The truth is I have been struggling trying to get my happy place back. I knew what I wanted to see, but I didn't know what I wanted. If any of that makes sense to you. I was at the point I was ready to give up and walk away. I needed my peace of mind back.

I realized a few days later on that I must was close to a break through and that snag set me back. I should of had my anger, pain, sadness for a minute and move back to my happy place. I just couldn't my mind was not ready and was not focused on kind of positivity.

I instantly thought of that meme with the people digging and giving up and the goal, the prize, the freedom was right there they just had to go a little further. I was close to my break through and that snag made me give up all my hard self work.

So I leave you with this any kind of ache you are having will pass. You have been through so much and you still are here. Don't let anything steal the joy you worked hard for. Whatever it is, it will pass and you will still be standing.

Ohhh and click this link so you can understand what mirror works is.


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