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One Act

Yesterday, Monday started off as any other day. I know my day starts with getting through the Daytimer so I start my day off with positive vibes. Things I want to accomplish in my time frame there today. One was to print out this evaluation report that is due every 6 months and as you can see it's November so it's pretty damn late not my fault. It was the powers at be... The report format had changed and it took me sometime between my normal responsibilities and you know breathing, to get it right. I worked hard on this report harder than ever, because usually I have help from an amazing person who has since moved on in his career. I reached out to him for help his answer was here apply to this job here it's amazing I love his response but it instantly put me in full report mode. You know what I am glad he did just that, because I had to fully depend on myself to get this done. I read, google, used my daughter's math brain to get it done and I did. The report was much bigger than it has been in the past; so I thought it was wise to email it first before I print it. Just so it could be reviewed and I had a few questions. I heard crickets for 2 days and then I get let's just print it. I was excited I felt accomplished I did this report and crushed it. I had to neglect some of my other reports ask the lab team to help me with some daily task so I could solely focus on this report.

It took 5 minutes to run to the staircase and swallow my lunch to return to my desk to see all the reports back on my desk with a "Sorry these are no good" with changes that needed to be made. I never been so aggravated. The wasted time, resources, and effort, because you didn't take the time to review it like I asked wasted. I put them to the side an continued my daily work, because it was pretty much after 3pm. The lab was short staff, we had a visiting specialist to troubleshoot an issue. My head was on 1000. I didn't drink anything with my staircase swallow. I just had one thought I need to just get through the rest of my work and leave.

I walked in the rain trying to find something to drink and the Man texted me to let me know he arrived so I just walked back he instantly knew something was wrong. I told him and he was just as angry as I was. I drove home in silence no music just my thoughts and traffic. I came home took my clothes off and just took a nap. I missed every call, text, I even miss my child coming home. She asked me what happened I told her she was just as angry, because she helped me too.

That one act of that person's lack of concern reminded me that you need to work harder to accomplish YOUR dreams. As long as I am the worker there will always be someone with no care or concern above me. I only get this feeling from this particular person. In all my years of working. I had some amazing bosses that made each experience a learning experience. I complain at times about my current manager but he has given me some learning experiences.

Never get comfortable, strive for your greatness, pay it forward, always look to help, teach, guide someone. Appreciate the ones that help you.

I am always tired and achy. I give the Daytime the best hours of the day sometimes there is no staircase swallows just straight through work and I turn around for a second and my work is thrown back in my face when I asked for a review. The deflation in my sails was so real yesterday. I understand if I made mistakes didn't see them and you correct me that is a learning experience. When I ask you review and you say nothing but let's go with it and then you show all these things you want to change. It's another kind of learning experience I take away.

Strive for greatness, take care of YOURSELF first. Manifest YOUR greatness. Oh and GO VOTE today!!


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