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Hustle Life

My mind was still is racing on how to bring in extra money so I can launch my fab ideas and improve my current ones.

I was going to sell food and drinks. Yup I said it food and drinks. The more I thought about it that's a lot of damn work.

Consistency is key with food and I was not 1000% sure I could deliver that every time. Hell half the time I cook something my family loves it,but I never remember what I put in it so I can recreate it again. You have to deliver a consistent product every time.

The drink no problem I can do that. I actually kept some ready, because they easy to make and that's quick money. I can do that consistently.

I know you like screw that make this money girl make the food the drinks. Money is the goal.

I disagree, the thing is pick the help hustle that you can do and not stress. We wear so many hats don't throw another hat on that's going to exhaust you and make you resent it.

Don't work yourself to death; it's not worth it. What's meant for you will happen what dream that's in your heart will find a way out.

Just breathe the hustle life is always there.

The universe got you!

Ooooou look at the food and drink I spent the whole day cooking and snapping pics. Full blown food photo shoot.


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