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Mom Sweet Hustle! For Real!

Hey SugarPops it has been a busy busy two weeks. Such a much needed boost for me.... I had a 40th Birthday enormous cake and not to mention things are stressful at the daytimer. This week I had 3 orders and I am feeling blessed, happy, and full of like real happiness. Like I am genuinely smiling singing being goofy. Each day was stressful and some days I wanted to just say fuck this and just run away....In the end I realize I always complete whatever it is. The 40th Birthday cake was like nothing I have ever done before it was almost 4ft tall.I had to use a drill!!! A Roto Saw!!! And finally had to get an airbrush machine which all was great investments and things I genuinely needed. Overall that cake was an amazing experience I literally worked on it the whole week up until it was time to deliver it......Delivery had me almost in tears it was so heavy the Man carried it to the car and the Teen helped me deliver. It was like the ahhh of my cakes it screamed GURRRRLL you can do this cake thing and this weeks treats was another even though it was small it had carving and details. Overall I am proud of myself. The hustle continues. This weekend is a Halloween party with the bestie pics to come soon. It's been real Sugarpops. By the way hit me up I want this blog to be more interactive. What you doing? what you dealing with? Hit Me Up!!


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