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When I wrote on Sunday my mind was bubbling and going, I just wrote. Today it's Wednesday, I promised myself I would post twice a week Sunday and Wednesday. Well here it is. I'm tired I've had a headache for the last two days and I'm just yawning and spits flying all over my notebook as I write. I know you don't need the details, but I'm telling you anyway.

The day time or the day job, whatever you want to call it. It's killing me the days seem so long I barely have a minute to myself I finish one thing and someone needs me for something else. If I take lunch I'm behind when I get back. It's an endless cycle. How do I tune that place out and save myself? How do I regain control or get control?.....

And......... I fell asleep! GREAT!!

And now it's Thursday and this morning it was 7 degrees WTH. I don't have clothes for a temperature like that. That's polar bear weather. I stayed in the lab pretty much all day and barely ate the usual.

My birthday is February 3rd and I really want to just live and breathe. This is the first year I did a physical vision board and I want to accomplish it I deserve it. I look and stare at that board every single day So how do I get there? (Insert thinking bitmoji Tomorrow after the day time I am doing brand ambassador work at the Knick game. It's a way to earn some extra money and a chance to enhance or gain some peopling skills. There is the sweet sweet hustle part. I have to work the gig tomorrow and next Friday. I'm already tired, but it should be interesting. If you want to get into brand ambassador work you can contact GC Marketing Services they have gigs all the time. It's been a few years since I have done this, but what the hell. The rest is birthday life you know I will definitely show you pics.

It's not the most glamorous post but guess what? I did it!!


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