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Jenny's Alcappurias

I did realize I missed one thing


I miss spreading the word about other Moms getting their sweet hustle on!! I have been blessed to meet and see their hustle. Some of those hustles are sooo delicious!!! Like today's Mom!

My latest hustle mom is Jenny; to me she is the Bronx Alcappuria Queen. If you don't know what an Alcappuria is let me explain or click that alcappuria link and let wiki tell you. It's heaven wrapped around savory goodness. The origin Puerto Rico it's green plantains or yuca grated and made into a masa/batter and by some miracle meat or seafood is stuffed inside and then it's fried into this golden yummy goodness.

Grateful my family Jorge posted his order on IG. I have been hooked ever since. I have placed so far 4 orders. Yeah I start the gym on Tuesday....smh

I can honestly say I have not had a delicious alcappuria like this since I was in Puerto Rico in 2008 and I have tried to find them here and I have tried to make them and it was all horrible... She is a golden fried blessing. I urge you to place an order NOW and indulge!! It's not just her hustle her husband helps deliver and her daughter customizes the packaging. That's Hailey and I right down below.... stop looking at my slides I had one thing on my mind ALCAPPPURIAS!!! So check her out and I'm going to get off here and fry me up some right now!!

You know I have pics check it out and here's Jenny's Alcappurias IG page check her out! YOU ARE WELCOME!!!


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