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Homecoming Inspired

It's a regular cake night, but with a twist. I decided to watch Beyoncé's Homecoming!! I was in here singing, dancing, and inspired. There are so many things I want to do, but I don't know how to start or where to start. So I have been sitting planning and strategizing my life. I come across a few things that I have not been honest with myself about. I'm tired. I feel mentally and physically exhausted. I can go to bed today at 9:30 or 10 and still feel the same when I wake up. My body and my mind are missing so much. I know I am running on fumes and I have a fear of just collapsing. I don't think my family really understands me when I say I'm tired. I won't lie I pretty much say it everyday, so I don't fault them for not really understanding. It's so much going on and I don't feel I get the time to really time manage and think through. I created a vision board for 2019 and for a little bit I was on point then slow and then back. Sierah is graduating from high school and some attention goes there to making sure she has what she needs and she gets enough Mommy time, because soon we will be separated and that weighs heavy on my heart. Work is work over worked and underpaid and I genuinely want to make some changes there, but I have flexibility in my schedule that allows me to make time for the cakes and doing background work. So I have been trying to shift my mind to deal, but when you talk to management and you ask for things and you are ignored and you see how things are moving. You become real middle finger in the air like you just don't care. These past few weeks cakes have been back to back with little rest for me which doesn't allow me to plan much so there has been a lot of going back and forth to the store; dealing with customers and we all know I just love that...NOT

I need to streamline and put my foot down with a lot of things and I just haven't. I want to learn so much more about cake designing, but I need to create the means that let me do that. I want to model and need to create the perfect pics to get noticed.It's not easy and the truth is it's not suppose to be. I need to Increase my IG fan base learn them fire hashtags for my brand. I'm a freaking brand and I need to get in the game. Push back on my bad habits and things that are pushing me to stay as I am. Somewhere along the line find some me time. My vision board is fulled with so many wonderful things I want for myself. There are 250 days left in 2019 I need to get started. Anywho back to the grind. I have no cakes next week I plan to re-evaluate a lot of things and methods.

Have you seen Beyoncé's Homecoming? Did you feel inspired? Did you create a vision board? Any tips for me? Email me let's talk

EVEN IN MY OWN DAMN BLOG BEY is winning you know how long it took me to make my vision board pic right side up while her pics just load with style and grace....ugh good night sugarpops email me!!


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