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Fell Off

Hey Sugarpops! I hope you all are had a fab week. I wrote my post on Wednesday, but fell asleep again and then last night I went out so here I am Friday. I know your looking at the title waiting to hear what fell off means. In my efforts to earn extra money, develop better social skills, and drive content to talk about with you guys. I took a 2 day event brand ambassador gig. When I applied I was pumped ready to go. Gave myself THE best pep talk. The day arrived total opposite. I was freezing it was literally was a polar vortex the whole week. The team leader was late and once I started I just felt completely uncomfortable about walking up to strangers asking them their info. It's not my thing.

SO I turned in my tablet and left. Went to spend some time with my guy and came home.

Trying to figure out my purpose or my niche in this world is not easy and I guess that's apart of life.I just want to be straight and in my zone. I do so many things and allow so many things to happen to me that is just life draining.

I am just trying to get on my track, get in my groove.Manifest my best life

Any who talk to you Sunday!! you won't believe what happened this week!!!


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