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Moms Boozy Night

Just a tad bit late. On October 27th Rosie, plus here childhood friend and I went to a Halloween party at the W Hotel in Time Square. The entire day seemed questionable because of the weather. Plus I kind of was not in the partying mood. I just wanted to relax the past few weeks have been intense with cakes, and the 8-4. This was like the first Saturday in a while I could just lay on my ass.The Teen and I spent Friday and Saturday running around trying to make my costume work on a non-pay week. (As you can see by the pics she found time to have ) Talk about the struggle. In doing this I have also made the decision to stop doing things that's just not in my budget. I might start seeming boring, but if you love me everyone should understand. So the look for the night was Harlequin clown and with the help of YouTube, Auntie, and the Teen I looked fabulous. I got my hairstyle from YouTube which Auntie always helps me do. We should start a YouTube channel, because every-time it's a struggle, but it's the best struggle auntie and I trying to figure out how to do this crazy idea I want. Plus anytime spent with family doing something together is always time well spent. Then the Teen she did the makeup and she did such a lovely job. Anytime I spend with her is always precious to me. She will never know how much every second means to me even the ones that make me want to put her up for sale on

Rosie and her friend arrive and we set out on the town 3 moms that deserve to have some fun... In the beginning the music seemed questionable the first drink tooo...Then it picked up and that 2nd drink ruined my life.....lmao It really did I have never prayed to the porcelain gods so much before. Rosie said I ate tacos and I instantly remembered I didn't eat. The last meal I had was breakfast and I had the nerve to take a Tylenol around 7pm because my knee was killing me and that was on an empty stomach. So there you go porcelain gods tribute all night. I was completely embarrassed. You see Rosie made a new friend at the party I wanted no parts of homegirl... I wanted my dreams safe at night. We all got home around 2am which is also a WTH moment too, what happened to getting home at 4 or 5 am eating breakfast at Crown Donuts. So yup we are officially over 35 and mom moms.....LOL Yeah that's our lives right now!! Well, enjoy the pics and here's the link to my hairstyle.

Ohhhhhhh wait a the Teen got her permit on Halloween just like the MOMMY did when she was 17 on Halloween many moons ago...ANNNND she got every question right 20 out of 20.... ANNND she got a 100 on her first Statistics class exam (college course) ANNND she applied to a load of colleges. I am so proud of her it's like everything is happening so fast and so epic-ly for her. Grateful to have a front row seat to her growth... #momlife


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