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See you Later

On August 7th at 2:38 AM we said see you later to our beloved Laila SugarPop Williams. She was only 3 months old when she came to us in the month of June on a Sunday afternoon. I remember fussing no dog no dog no dog and obviously I lost and I am so grateful I did. We had Laila for 11 years and there isn't a day that doesn't go by she isn't missed.It was difficult to come home from work to an empty house (truth is it still is a little). The man and the child were still prepping the house as if she was still here. My mom would still visit and bend down for a kiss expecting her to come galloping. It is a void in each of our hearts missing our sweet Laila. If you knew her you loved her. She had her own personality she was happy and stubborn all at the same time.Yup and she was bad. I would give anything to have her sitting next to me while I type this post. She would lay right at our bedside sleep. Laila got her So jealous of her life. I know your wondering why what happened. Laila had a tumor in her throat and after her 1st ER visit the doctors provided comfort with medication and we continued once home. A few weeks afterwards she was doing much better, but still had troubles here and there and one night she had trouble breathing and we rushed her again to the ER where along the way she suffered a stroke and her pulse was faint, in the end she was ready to go on and we gave her the comfort to cross over. It was the hardest and saddest minutes of each of our lives. We each miss her terribly. So many wonderful memories and so many WTH Laila memories Oh and we miss her tail!! It had a mind of it's own and strong... always had to watch out for that Laila we love and miss you oh so much!!!


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