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Crap still missed a few days

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED I wrote this post on 9/30/18 and never hit Publish Post!! Come on man!!! Posting NOW

You know it's harder than you think to sit down and just write. I had back to school night on Thursday even at Sierah's school, which totally slipped my mind. Then Saturday was mandatory college meeting and I have been the worst stomach pains these past two days so after the meeting I cam home and took a forever nap... You know those naps you sleep so long you wake up hungry and delusional (what day is it? What time is it? )

So Candytopia happened!! It was sweet fun, I just wish they gave out bags to hold all the candy they gave us!! Check out the pictures it was cavity worthy. After Candytopia Rosie and I went to BBQs for some drinks and chats... I would do Candytopia again, but next time I will bring a little stylish outfit matching I needed to be clear. We would of had so much more fun if we didn't have to hold everything.

Oh and the next time I won't go soon as it opens and I will get evening tickets. Any who enjoy.


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