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A YouTuber? Who? Me?

So it has been suggested a bunch a times from the man and Rosie that maybe I should do a YouTube channel. So I finally did it was on my hair. I want it to be about all kinds of stuff. These particulat videos I was inspired by another YouTuber's hair advice and so I tried it on myself and giving my opinion. It wasn't a planned thing. I just did it so there's no editing.. no time lapse. Let me keep it 1000 with you I don't know how to do that stuff. Do I look like adobe or whatever they use to do that stuff.

It was fun and stressie. I would like to do it again, I guess with a much better plan of action and I assume I should figure out this editing stuff. Because it was like 6 takes post the best one that's it.... Bam Tiqua's a If you have any suggestions for me send me an email. Check out my two videos.. Give me some feedback. Oh and thumbs up the video... Click the links that say email and feedback... Send me some suggestions and feedback. You know I had to post some pics!!!! Ohh you see Betty my salon cart... I love it!!!No I don't know why I named it I bought it on amazon back in March here's the link so you can get one too.. It's easy to assemble 1.2...3


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