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Yup it's Me

I say this so many times sounding like a broken record. It has been a crazy summer I don't know where to continue. There has been laughs and there have been tears, but I am going to start where I left off and I guess I can do an entry a day to not flood your boxes all at once

Well 2018 summer body didn't make it, I was little bummed about that, but who cares I iz still fabulous!! and food is still delicious this week I am obsessed with chicken gyros no onions extra white sauce please!!!

I was blessed once again this summer to bake a difference for you a sweet little boy with cancer. He apparently loves trains and Thomas & Friends was the theme for his birthday. He was so excited when he saw the cake he literally through his toy train to his mom. He gave me the biggest and best hug.

The weekend and the following weeks were filled cakes and some family sorrow. I will tell you, let me get there.

So check out some pics of Ros


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