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Ohhh Since my baby left me.......

You know what I'll leave the singing to the So Sierah has abandoned us and is off to camp. See she's enjoying herself! She left July 2nd and returns July 22nd. I know right. Momcation!!!! Nope still had to work, still had to cook, still had to clean, still had to tend to the man, still had to tend to the dog, still went to the gym.I did have some girl time with my favorite SugarQueen Rosie. Still would of been nice to have a break. I'm kind of getting tired of doing the everything thing as I guess every Mom and woman of the world is.Any who Rosie and I went to Voss Event's DragBrunch at the Highline Ballroom downtown we had such a blast the food was pretty damn good for a Drag I had Blackened French Chicken with sauteed spinach with home fries!! Yummiers!! The drinks not so bueno. After the show we walked the Highline something I have never done before. Note to moms if you wear a dress invest in some Spanxs or Fashion Nova or some cheap biking shorts my thighs rubbed so much that when I got home they were red and swollen all I could do is lay spread eagle (Yeah click them links I will not let the thighs rub) back to the topic at hand Moms grab your bestie and go out have that girl time it's so needed and so refreshing. I also got Rosie to go to bootcamp with me she may not dig that part too much. Health is wealth we gotta stay fab. ohhhh Bonus!! We also walked past my high school on Drag day!!! Saint Michael's Academy #Michaelites yeah!!! #Welivingourbestlives


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