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Operation Summer Body

Yup that's right. I told you I'm in the gym. Those #spalife pics were not vibing with me. So the man has finally rejoined his heart gym "LA Fitness" and I have been tagging along I have been taking the "BootCamp Conditioning" class WTH best way to describe it . I have been dying and resurrecting every Saturday now. I have now also officially added Tuesday and Thursday to the schedule. Ohhhhh hair hack alert LA Fitness has a sauna and I have been getting in on some of that action. It also is what brings me back to life after BootCamp kills me. Just this past Saturday I put deep conditioner in my hair while I was sitting in the sauna. Why not. It stimulates the hair follicles!!! Don't argue with me I googled it before I decided to tell ya'll my See look: Benefits of deep conditioning your hair for the sauna. Read it!! Why not have fab hair with this new bod that's coming. So bootcamp teacher is amazing she is so hands on and doing to much. I am exhausted just from the warm up alone.. Her name is Evelyn and if you feel like it join me for her class. Saturday 9:45am don't be late space fills. She also has a class on Thursday evening. Which I think I am going to start doing. I'm just being cheap. It just means I can't bum off the man's membership I have to get my own... decisions I still have my Planet Fitness membership I mean I guess I can go there, but theres no sauna... insert pout

Ohhh yeah I may have dragged the mini with us to the gym both Saturdays yeah she was not loving mommy. The first class I wanted us to do it together, but there was no space for both of us to be next to each other. The second class I wanted her to record me since she insisted on being a party pooper. What!!! I needed blog material!


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