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I've been breaking my promise to blog every week. I know I keep saying it's hard, but now I think the truth is I just don't know what to write. How to keep ya'll engaged. I don't want to bore you to death. I'm thinking to hard on it instead of just doing the damn thing. I have been having some pretty great fun lately so it's not that I am not having the fab experiences to share it's just all about sitting my ass down and writing or I guess typing it out to you. So my plan right now on these days off of mine is to just fucking type. I got all the pics just need to tell you guys what the hell I did.

SO first up!! POPSUGAR Playground at Pier 94 downtown this was on June 10th Rosie and I went. We had a pretty good time there were some celebs there Tiffany Haddish, Huda Kattan of HudaBeauty, Kate Hudson and many more.... It was like women power fantastic. I saw some very sad husband and boyfriends there. Why would any woman do that to her guy....smdh

Rosie and I had a good time we won some Kohl's cash, entered a few contest, played in a ball pit, had some drinks won some free stuff what more could a girl ask for. I do wish we would of been patience enough to get our faces beat by Huda Beauty bar, but our patience for standing in a line to do something we really don't do anyway is low.

Food -Wendy's was there giving away their NEW Berry Burst Chicken Salad which was pretty good there was a drink too I want to say the Berry Cherry Fruit Tea that was not so good. Sooooo I won't link you to that.

We also was being fat and got food again in our defense that salad was a half not a full... SO next I had a chicken salad sandwich from one of the stands mediocre nothing to tell. Although the apples in the sandwich was a nice touch.

Drinks- Since we took the train we was ready for a sippy sip of something. We had the Pine-apple-Rita it tasted like beer with pineapple juice. Not my fav. However since it's a drink to sauce you I will add the link despite my feelings. Sharing is caring your sauce may not be my sauce. Ohhh how I wish and I know Rosie wished they had a Skinny girl booth..... oooou weee a Watermelon Margarita would of been fab!!! Yeah I am gonna link you to that trust me!! Delish!! Rosie and I went to a Skinny girl event a few years ago that was fab!!

Contest- We won each $60 from Kohls' they give you $10 for just coming to the event and then we did spin the wheel like in the price is right and won an additional $50 each. Covergirl gave us palettes. Victoria Secrets' gave me some fab bra size news and I won a nice work out tee..I bought a canteen from Manna Hydration for $10 most of the nice deals there you got stuff just for following or hashtaging the vendor. Pretty Free

Ohhh and we took the train too that day the stop was 59th St Columbus Circle and it is completely different from when I use to go down there the train station is remodeled it has good food kiosk, little shops, candies, and more with little benches and tables set up so you can eat and talk. Pretty cool for a train station and yes it was clean.

Check out the pics and vids


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