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I did it!! I got tired of seeing everyone else name on Coca-Cola and not mine... Plus I had a dream and I had a bottle of coke with my name on sooo I had to do it!! So I ordered these babies from the website. Aren't they cute. The price is a little wth!! But it's says my name So here's the price tag.. $5.00 for an 8oz bottle and then you know you have to pay for shipping and handling. My grand total was $16.95 and hearing the mouths of my unit...priceless ... gosh can't I have something for thy self.I am not sure if I am going to drink them... I really don't want to.. I'm saving them for my babe cave...shhhhhh don't tell him!!! He's probably gonna have a man cave.. Why I can't have a babe cave it's only right, with a wet bar, fuzzy rug, chandelier.. I can see it!! I also saw it on Pinterest...lmao (Always time for plug follow me on Pinterest)

Oh I almost forgot see the promo... yeah gotta plug Sweetiqua!! Sweet Treats By Tiqua


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