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It hit me last night that I need to use my platform to help other businesses that I think are just as fab not just my own. I love my Sweet Treats By Tiqua (check out the site and place your next Sweet order) Sorry force of habit!! Back to the the business at hand... Lately I have been trying my best to support other entrepreneurs. Everyone has a hustle and everyone needs customers to make it viable hustle. So this is my first #SweetHustleSunday post and there will be one every week and trust me if I am posting and spreading the word about it I have either tasted, worn, it or whatever it requires me to do. I find most of my #Hustlepreneurs on Instagram and in my own community. You can pretty much get anything or find any kind of business on IG and IG is pretty satuated with everything at least on my blog and my IG I am giving you the full stage on your product and your hustle.... So if you are #Hustlepreneur and you want your product or service heard please email me or hit me on IG and I will buy and try you out... YES BUY I do not want you to send me a freebie to post you.. You are in this to make money so make money!!

#SweetHustleSunday first post is PuddnWork located in the Bronx a homebased sweet business. I have known Dom I guess forever..She recently launched PuddnWork. The way IG is set up I just kept missing it in my feed and I finally said let me just DM here and come Sunday my PuddnWorks was on the table for Sunday dessert. I ordered a 1/2 tray of Classic Banana and Cookies & Cream. They were both so damn good. I am still talking about it. It's so rich and creamy and fresh.... I know your like fresh but that is the word that comes to mind fresh. I had some everyday afterwork until it was gone and double helpings on that Sunday she delivered. No one was allowed to touch the Classic Banana that was specifically for me from the get go. Go and check out her IG @PuddnWork email her place an order. Oh let's talk about her image. I love it, it's actually her son King... You see how she did that King +Dom #mompreneur at it's finest.


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