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In My Feelings

I saw this post a few days ago. "Stuck between, "I'm proud of myself"and "I gotta go a little harder." It bothered me because I occasionally do feel stuck. I want so much more out of this life. Besides we only get one and I want to make the best of it. I just don't know how to get the momentum going in doing what i want to do to get the results that I want. Putting that aside, I haven't been idle. I still have my daytimer as a data analyst and everyday I am in I am still creating beautiful cakes and I am pricing much better. I still have my background acting work it's a little slow now, but it's because I am only applying to projects I want to do. The blog is still here. It's a lot going on, but the truth is I feel drained, unfree and I don't know where I can regain myself or grow the way I want to. Like a hamster on a wheel going and going and going. Is anyone else feeling the same way?


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