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Happy 17th Birthday Sierah

I know it's been a minute balance is really not that easy... So today I want to scream

Happy 17th Birthday to my main Sugarpop!! The whole reason I'm a Mom!! We wanted to surprise her so we gave her a party with some friends at iFly in Westchester. We lied told her we were going to the movies I had Matthew drive the kids iFly for me. She was shocked to see here friends and to hit iFly. They had an amazing time you know how many times I got to hear you are such a "COOL MOM" a lot and I loved it!! I am pretty cool!! (pops collar)

I know you are wondering???? Hell No I didn't do it!! Buuuttttt I would totally do it the next time. I did not like the idea of signing a waiver.. I mean the kids are young they break something ahhhh they'll be alright.. I break something it might not grow back...

Any-who she had a blast and that was most important to me!! Ohhhhh and the gas is back on and Mommy got to make her special SugarPop birthday cake!! And I went cheesy I made a SpongeBob cake and I did goodie bags. They loved it!!! Oooohhh I also made marshmallow popcorn for them they loved it!!!!! I know it sounds crazy, but it's like a salty and sweetness it's like an upgraded rice krispie treat... You can see some of it on the cake board of SpongeBob I decide to use it like coral to add decor to the cake.

Now today her actual birthday we did the traditional banana split for breakfast and she pretty much was relaxing all day....


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