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decluttr and make moonneeeyy!

A few months ago I read about the app called "decluttr" on I downloaded it, tried it, didn't believe it and just ignored it. Something clicked in me a few weeks ago and I decided to give it a try and this time I went through with it. I told you It's 2018 I am trying and doing all kinds of new things now. Anyway I scanned CDs, DVDs, and Video games that none of us was ever going to use again and I made $47.71!!!! decluttr, provided me with the UPS shipping label FREE of charge all I had to do is box it up and drop it off at the nearest UPS pick up location. Literally 2 days later $47.71 was deposited into my PayPal account. Now I forgot and may have used the money for Uber rides not knowing, but the important part is that the money was deposited and the app I was like why hasn't Uber taking their money out of my account are they setting me up for failure!! And BAM they were taking it from my PayPal balance....... Check out the app or check out the website, you can sell your books, cell phones, other techs stuff and get this LEGOs!! WTH LEGOs if I knew Sierah's LEGOs would of been worth something they would of never went down the incinerator!! Have you ever stepped on a LEGO barefoot.....FML......So check out decluttr give it a shot YOU ARE WELCOME!!


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