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Deep thought Friday

Let me brag real quick!! I was off today!!!Woooo hooo!! Back to the issue at hand; you ever have one incident trigger something else that bother you? Had a little disagreement with the Man, nothing crazy the usual what do you want to Either way this particular time it aggravated me and reminded me of an encounter I had earlier this week.I ran into someone that I use to play with as a child during the summers. We talked and caught up a bit. I was telling him how I was encouraging a friend a few days ago and I said something to the effect. We worked hard to get our degrees and we have to work even harder to put them to use and how we did it for our children blah blah. Through all that he kept saying was you got a degree Tiqua ok ok DegreeTiqua. I cut the conversation short after that. I was insulted and pissed!! WTF he thought!! Then I saw a post that my high school sister put up. it just jogged everything. I have done so much I haven't seen this person in my mind since I was a pre-teen. So his words shouldn't bother me, but they did and I wonder why. I know who I am, what I want, and what I have done so far. I feel overwhelmed and a little stagnant. The daytimer is high on the stress and overwhelmed list. The stagnant is the what's next. I currently can't bake. The building has shut off the gas because of some sort leak. Which is fine I rather they repair it than four our building to blow up. So I can't cook or bake the regular degular way. The blog is on my mind as well I want to give you guys epic content but omg it's freakin hard! So I have decided to chill and just live go with the fllllloooooow. This is me and my life! I love my family, I love my friends, I love the journey, it has bumps and bruises but it makes me the Tiqua I am!! So blast from the past you can suck it I'm awesome and I was never ordinary and I was never going to be ordinary! I don't know what Tiqua you thought you knew but you don't know SHIT BUDDY!!! I have busted my ass going to college full time and working full time, I have started a cake business, blog, became and officiant to marry my friends, photo shootsbe apart of strong causes and still made time to create memories with the people I love them most!!! So let whoever think whatever! Long as you know you that's all that matters!! Mommin' with a purpose!! Good Night!!


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