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Definitely Needed

This was my first week back at the day-timer to say it was a shit storm would be saying it lightly!! What a nightmare of a week. I needed a clone and it just wasn't enough hours in the day and there wasn't enough energy in me to really stay past my time! I am either grossly under appreciated or they just don't know what it take the execute some of the stuff that goes on. I think it's a heap of both. SO when Rosie texted and said you want to have some drinks my answer was YES PLEASE WHEN! Well the first day she asked I was cooked and I just wanted to shower and get in bed and sleep my stress away, but the next day!!! I WAS ALL THE WAY IN!!! We met at BBQs and had a blast just the two of us! That pina colada soothed my soul! I have got to figure out how to make my life my own adventure that I enjoy and not exhausted from!

Yeah we didn't take a selfie forgot and the weather sucked so my hair was COOKED!!


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