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Hey it's been a little minutes since I have done a post. Sorry it's been a rough few weeks. Work/Life/Hustle the usual.

I have been slightly stuck in how to make more. How to bring in more income, have more time, enjoy life more, take care of myself better. I honestly have been feeling like each day I am just barely existing and have been on auto-pilot. We have started going back to the gym and that takes place at night so there is a bit more to my day. I need to learn the balance. I need more coming in and until I can figure all of these things out exhausting and Zombie Mom I am. I read an article on 50 Ideas for a Lucrative Side Hustle you should of saw my face on the bus when I read the title!! I have a gazillion ideas and some of them are in this article but everything takes time and patients and dedication and MULA!! My family had some stuff they wanted to throw out, I decided to have a virtual yard sale and post the stuff on Letgo, Ebay, and Craigslist. I had some inquiries, but let's see I am optimistic. It was kind of time consuming. Once you post it on Letgo you want to share it to your facebook and your twitter to give yourself a wider audience. Then I had to create a posting, because there was no share button for Ebay or Craigslist. On letgo I did have some try to scam me, but if someone is asking you to send your item and they pay you later that's a NO GO!! There are ways we can make that side hustle work we just need to find what makes us pop. I am on a mission to pop. I am so very tired.


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