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Sweet Weekend

Hey Mommas,

The weekend started early for me and it started off with a Call to Action. A few years ago I signed up to be a baker for Icing Smiles. An organization that tries to provide dream cakes for children that are facing terrible illnesses. This is my 3rd dream cake for icing smile and every time is so rewarding and fulfilling. We should always hustle to provide for our family, but always find time to give back in some kind of way. You may not have the money to do it, it could be your time, or skill. It was the best way to start off a fab weekend a hug and gratitude from Charlie and a lovely email from their Mom Rudi at the end of my weekend.

Now in between all of the soul blessing rewardingness my soul needed to remember that I do have heart and I can bring a smile to someone else with my talent. There was a weekend at Atlantic City with my love and some friends. What a blast it was. Night one it was us and patron and some slots!!! Tropicana hotel can be pretty lit at night. Saw a new freshly 21 year old taking advantage of her new right to wasted. Excuse me for laughing but it was pretty damn hilarious I didn't get to have that 1st few drinks at 21 so I was amused and a little jealous. And somethings that I just won't tell you about.... Day two was spent awaking from an amazing night walking the boardwalk being a tourist seeing the food truck festival and then dinner just me and him at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.. DELICIOUS!! The steak was amazing and the cheesecake was fantastic!! I must do again. Day three we just relaxed and then headed home. This was a much much needed weekend and I enjoyed every moment. Indulge once in a while!! Indulge!!


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