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I have been at the same company for a few years it has stress and frustration like any job. Each day I go in and I do the best I can. I make changes to improve workflow. I monitor things that I can control and change when needed. I am helpful to those who need me. In all the effort I do someone who should know the process but does not know the day to day steps to produce results said I was underwhelmed and wants to add another task to my day. I have no problem doing the additional work, but why diminish what you have no idea about. There is staff that slacks and because I do what I do the work does not suffer and production goes on as expected. Does it really pay to work hard and improve processes when it's just reduced to "she is underwhelmed give her this other task to do". I feel respected by others at work and occasionally enjoy what I am doing. That statement does not feel like respect. It really changed and put things in a clearer perspective and gives light and truth to what I have said before about Daytimers they are designed to drain you. There are very few days I leave there energized to do more and some of the more I have no choice. I have to feed my family, I have to spend time with my daughter, I have to tend to the dog and the house. Cake business, blog life, fitness become put off. I need to change everything. A few weeks ago I worked on my resume and Jackie encouraged me to put it out there "get more money Tee you worth so much more you have a lot of skills" I put the resume out there and I did receive a few replies and 2 interviews both went semi well; but in the end I decided to declined both. Reasons:

  1. The employees are allowed to put reviews on and they all have the same thing to say in different ways, basically fun place, slave trade when necessary and bribe you with snacks and lunch (I'm good! I can buy my own snacks and lunch)

  2. Both were at least a 52 min. commute. ( I don't want to spend 52 mins. on the train on a good day. We all know NYC MTA has few good days)

  3. The responsibilities stated during the interview versus the job posting description was significantly more. (They did not increase the salary to match)

Basically do your research is it worth it! It's not worth it to leave one beast to go to a double beast.

It's important to improve these hustles so we can say KISS MY ASS DAYTIMER


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