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Let's Go Yankees!!!

What an amazing time. My daytimer offered the employees an opportunity to have Yankee tickets the maximum was 8 tickets and pay the processing fee of $2.00 per ticket. Soo I bought 8 tickets for $16. My daughter asked some friends and course my little cousin came along, I got my new self stick, and I dragged my high school bestie and her daughter along we had an amazing time we laughed, yelled, danced, and ate. I really wanted to indulge in the food, but the distance from seat to the really good Pulled Pork sandwich was not going to happen!! I was dying for it since I bought the tickets and my Selfie stick was denied the right to selfie. So we indulged in Nathan's and popcorn which was all great and took selfies the old fashion way! Through the hustle you have to find time to enjoy life. It's has been a little difficult, but I have been finding ways small and big.


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