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Sunday was a beautiful day for a walk, but OMG did it have to be 6 whole miles. Our family encourage the children to help others and my little cousin Zaria aims for the walks and fundraising. As a family we support her. She gets involved in a lot of the walks. I missed the March of Dimes walk with her which is near and dear to our hearts, because our newest, youngest, most adorable member was a premie born at 2lbs and 2ounces. Back to the AIDS Walk, we had a great time walking towards a better now where AIDS is no longer an issue, because we have vaccines and cures. The turnout was amazing. The walk started in Central Park on 72nd street lead out to 110th street and down to Riverside Drive and ended back in Central Park on 72nd street. We did try to sneak off to Chipotle on 110th and Broadway, but my aunt pulled us right back in line.... Overall the walk was amazing and we all felt great for the contribution we made.


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