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Every day, I receive my daily and I receive emails from and The hustle doesn't stop. The grind to figure out how to work smarter not harder is always in effect. The grind to find your true passion; at least like what you are doing, day in and day out. Most of us are not sure about what is our purpose in this life. Some of us feel it's too late now to figure that out, we say stuff like, “I’m a mom now my baby/babies depend on me it's about their lives now." I had these same thoughts for years and years, you feel trapped and you say to yourself well when she graduates from high school and goes off to college then I will have time and probably resources to figure that out.

Do you have ideas and you just don't know how to get them off the ground, or have you actually seen your ideas come to fruition but from someone else and you want to scream. Oh my favorite all these rules, regulations, and FEES needed to just get you started. It sucks bottom line it just sucks. There are sites like kickstarter and gofundme that are out there where you can figure out ways to raise the monies needed. But if you are an introvert like me; you just can see yourself doing that. As my life partner says, "Babe you got a lot of squabbles with you" lol He is indeed right. Sweet Treats By Tiqua is nowhere near what it can be the truth is it's my fault; some customers just ruin it for me and that 8-4 drains me as it's designed to do. Up until I decided to create this blog I made changes to Sweet Treats, I am going to run it the way I want and not let customers take advantage just because I am not a brick and mortar business. (SB. You know someone had the nerve to call me to place an order at 2:17am I hung up the phone!)It's mine and if you don't like how I run it tough....I want to enjoy and be happy doing what I want to do I have decided not to let the customer ruin it and I am no longer downing my talents if you can't afford me that's ok. Every order is precious every loyal customer is precious, but this is not my only source of income so I am not forced to do orders or deal with customers I don't want to. Guess when I discovered that? JUST FREAKING NOW!!! A little bit last week too, a potential problem customer was looming, but then it was canceled. When I first started out taking cakes, I felt I have to accommodate every customer even if it meant my pricing was off. It always end up not being worth it to me. Sometimes I saw profit, sometimes I didn't and I had a headache. Sometimes I was rushed and it didn't come out the way I wanted. I am too old to be a people pleaser. I did a few cakes recently and on my terms they were fantastic!! I only a little profit on one. Work in progress Momma!! 


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