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Happy Mother's Day

Hello fab Moms!! Welcome to it's our blog!! It's our day and we deserve it!! My ideal Mother's Day is relaxing relaxing!!! My unit is amazing my day started off with gifts of love Chocolate Rose, Buxom lip gloss from my princess and a pair of sneakers I whined for (lol) from my king, and a scratch card and balloon from Queen Mother and a load of calls and text messages from sugarpops, friends and family and some random numbers I do not know. (lol) My unit are not big cooks so my day started off with a Pico Guacamole sandwich from McDonald's and a Sprite. Oh a visit and flowers from my daughter's bestie and my Sugarchild! We are mom to all our children friends they are all my Sugarpops! What we do as moms is such a blessing we find a strength we never knew we had just to make it happen for our family. I don't think I would have this strength if I was not a mom. This role really pulls everything in me and I am blessed to share this life with them. Forever grateful for #momlife

Our blog with your help is for us, to gain and share ideas, vent and gain advice, share accomplishments, receive support, receive information it is our blog to make it what we want.


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