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One of those Mornings

Today I had a slight headache and a stomachache/ I think I’m hungry anyway it was a don’t move just yet but you had to because you've been on vacation the past wk and today you have a meeting so get your ass up!! Instead you text your coworker and supervisor that you are will be running late. That buys you some time to what? You still have to go but this isn’t my dream job. In fact it occasionally kills my aura I so desperately want to be glowing and positive. Finally ready for work and I found myself running for the bus to get to where I’m already late and I deep down don’t want to go to!! Why can’t I run for the things I want? Because up until this point the same excuse it’s not the right time I don’t have the funds to invest, the support to help, the connects to get it pushing, the right education. It's always something. The truth is I get a consistent paycheck twice a month and when my energy is not drained its easy work, but it pays just enough I know I can't be the only one dealing with this. This is life and i need to change it NOW!!! I have a skills I’m not a dummy just complacent I don’t know which one is worst.

What is your ideal day?

Me wake up workout have a delicious breakfast shower head to work/learn, lunch, make dinner talk to my favorite guy, girl, and doggie, then shower and rest


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