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Happy Birthday Me!!!

It is my 40th Birthday!! Yes my 40th year on this planet! Actually feels pretty good.

It started off with a celebration at work given to me by my co-workers organized by Leo. Then for Saturday Rosie treated me to Rose Mansion down in the city. Rose Mansion is an interactive wine tasting adventure there are various rooms with themes and different wines to taste in each room. So we tasted about 8 wine and 1 Frosay yes there was cheese and grapes. I'm think I should start keeping a bottle on deck at

So anywho, I spent the early part of the day trying to figure out WHAT TO WEAR!!! In fact I spent most of the week and sanity on this. My aunt as usual was on hair duty. I had an underarm situation which let's not even talk about it. Just know the Man was apart of it!! In the end I think I looked pretty fabulous. Rosie and I had a great time we sipped, we snapped, we laughed everything a Saturday evening should have and especially a birthday evening! We then hit a karaoke bar, which I won't lie I chickened out on. It didn't feel like a vibe for me. One day I will get my Beyonce on. Then afterward in my Tutu skirt we hit Shake Shack! It has been such a blessed countdown to today. I have no idea what awaits me today, but I'm excited. So my advice on this grand day. Be grateful everyday. Appreciate and thank God for every moment. Tell the people you love that you love them and bitch a little less. But by no means take anyone's sh&%t. I have so many ideas and plans for myself this year and I pray I execute every one.

So if you haven't been to Rose Mansion you must go grab your girls or your guys and go!!! Click this link and get your tickets now!!


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