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Yoni Talk...sorry guys

This is strictly for us ladies. I kind of was just going to keep it to myself and my family, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a blog and trying to help each other and be open. I went to see my doctor regular routine appointment. I told her about my period and the nightmare it has been for the past couple of months.I have cramps that's borderline contractions, I have headaches, back pains, and severe heavy bleeding. My period also last so much longer this last run was 11 days that's so crazy. I thought I was dying. Turns out I have fibroid and she could actually feel them. Step further I apparently had them in 2017, but they were small that no one bothered to mention them to me... imagine that. Nope, I know what you're thinking. I no longer see any of those doctors.

So now I have to schedule a trans-vaginal sonogram.. yeah I ain't feeling that either. As I was doing my research on how I can shrink them I never knew so many women suffer from fibroid 80% of us have them. Like Eve, really got us messed up.

For the next few months I am going to try something different to help shrink these bad boys and get my life in a less painful state. I have to change my diet a bit, I tried it on Sunday and thought I was going to die on Monday so baby steps on that one. No flour, white rice, pasta, sugar, chocolate, chips, soda, red meat, more fruit the list just goes on and on exercise you name it. Like WTH FML!! Like this list said my whole damn life. So as you can imagine Sunday I cooked Brown rice, baked chicken, and spinach.. I woke up starving. So for breakfast. I had a day old McDonald's breakfast sandwich :( Stop judging baby steps dammit. For lunch I had leftovers from that healthy dinner and was still starving like was I just eating air. Instantly had a pop-tart and combination pizza rolls when I got This stuff is beyond me, I can't fathom how to survive. So for dinner I cooked broccoli, mac and cheese, and fried some pork chops.... it was so damn good. 1st of all pork chops is white meat, 2nd of all I made broccoli where's the credit for that. I also might of burned it too....I at this point I had to talk to myself. Really so we burning broccoli now. You are sadly ridiculous Shatiqua.

So forget my eating this is not There really is a fan base for folks to watch other folks eat and they not even sharing!! I'm good.

Back to fibroid it says vitamin D may help in shrinking them, Yoni steaming (aka steaming your vagina) may help as well and green tea. So I bought the Olly Women's Super Food Multi, which has 200% of the daily value. These vitamins are packed with everything B12, Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin E & B6. Sounds like Tiqua is going to have some fabulous hair, skin, and nails through this process. Yassssss! I also bought Fibro Defense, I found it on Amazon and a lot of women swear by it. So, since having my uterus removed is not an option I want to hear; I'm trying it all. I also bought Yogi, Green Tea Super Antioxidant. I drink Yogi tea at least twice a day various versions detox, energy, bedtime, stress, I drinks it all. I'm so trying to find my woosaa place in the world. Oh and drinks lots of water. This is what I've been doing all week. I must admit I haven't had a headache in two days. I felt one coming on yesterday and it was like it changed it's mind and went away. Thank you!!! I have not tried the yoni steaming yet. I'm torn between a few different suppliers and I'm being cheap,but I fell it would be a nice add-on to self care. It really is hard being a woman.

So ladies are you having the same issues as me? Does your insides have a battle you know nothing about once a month? I would love to hear what you are doing to try and keep your fibs at bay email me

Here's the links to the stuff I'm using:

Olly Women's Super Food Multi The vitamins are gummies, and they are like an acquired taste like ohh these taste good then nahh not It could also just be me

These are capsule pills and they are huge, but to be honest if they help I could care less of the size. I mean swallow one at a time.. I tried to swallow two at a time I was sadly mistaken. I almost died.

Vagina Steams I'm considering.I really am leaning towards the Luxury Yoni it just looks more inviting you know and they have some fun things for play time. All natural of Plus sitting here typing all this I kind of was hanging out more on the site,but the others sound super dope as well.


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