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Passport! Passport! Passport!

I had a new goal it was to get my passport. I know! Somethings take priority besides leaving the country. I wanted to get this passport and pay for it without using a credit card. Like I wanted to be a bad ass adult about it. So I set up a saving goal using my Qapital account.

Yes Qapital not Capital. Qapital is an online bank that my daughter told me about. It helps you meet your saving goals. Sometimes it can be difficult but stick with it. They have even expanding to helping you save for retirement. It's a really good app. Click here if you want more details. Actually if you hit me up and I refer you they give my $20 right now. So click email me if your interested.

I created the goal and set the rules on how to save. I used the rounding up feature so every time I spend money in my regular bank account it rounds up to a $1 and that excess goes to my Qapital savings cool. It's painless and pretty cool.

July I hit my goal!! I saved $153 for my passport enough for any surprises. I was so proud of myself; and on August 27th the man and I went to apply for our passports at the post office it took 2 hours!! It took 2 long real life hours to get the passport; but It was worth it!! In the end it felt so good; like we were grown now or I know silly, but we now can literally go anywhere we want.

Paris, Marrakesh, Singapore, Thailand, Egypt like anywhere.

I am ready to get my stamps. The passports finally arrived last Thursday, September 19th. The best piece of mail I have received in a long time. Now I find myself looking and reading the travel emails I get. I am ready to just go!!!! You know I had to get a passport cover!! ROSE GOLD!!


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