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Circle of Sisters 2019

It was Circle of Sisters at the Javit's Center and RuPaul DragCon. Of course it was Rosie and I we was in for a treat. We was unaware DragCon was happening. We got to see all the creative outfits and make up in ahh i had us.

Circle of Sisters was great we got to take some good pics and get some products. I got some toner for my face and some pretty cute shades and glam glasses.

After all of that we decided to head to Saks 5th Ave Carousel. Now hear me when I say I was unaware what my feet was about to go through. I just walked along side my

We went to the Spirit Halloween store, five below, the new Puma store. We were real city girls you hear me. Window shopping on 5th Ave it was fantastic but my feet was like if you don't sit your ass down somewhere!!!!

So you know the next day I slept and aint move a muscle.

Next year Rosie and I are definitey going to DragCon. I am getting us those tickets.


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