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Happy Birthday to ME!!

Blessed and grateful to see another year. My family and friends showed me so much love. So many birthday wishes I feel so special. I feel so different about this year. It's going to be EPIC! I really feel it.

I got to hang out with Rosie and Jackie and was treated to a night of tapping into my inner Picasso at Pour 'N' Paint in Harlem. The music was good the unlimited drinks were delicious and helped you get your Picasso The art instructor was great and had the best mustache... it really curled at the ends. The food was ok I had the Chicken 'N' waffle sliders I would of liked the chicken seasoned or the syrup on the chicken not on the plate as it made the bottom waffle soggy. We also had jerk chicken empanadas delicious and spicy as expected. Check the menu you can see for yourself. Click here

Overall I had such a great time with my girls I can't wait to do it again. I truly love my friends/sisters whether we speak everyday or once a month or just like pictures on each others gram. We never miss a beat and we can always count on one another.

I top the night off with a blowing out the candles with my beautiful family!! Oooh and I talked to my Auntie Wilma today!! (insert heart eyes here) If she only knew how much I love hearing her voice reminds me that Daddy was real and he is here with me.

Enough with the mush check out the pics

Oooou.... RECOGNIZE!! Posting on a Sunday consistency!!! Watch my smoke 2019 is EPIC

FYI I want to paint Zaria is giving me here paint and I have 50% off coupon from Michael's I'm getting some canvas and it's going to be on!! Catch my work on seriously though if my stuff is epic it's going on etsy...lmao


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