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New Year New Vibes

Yeah 27 days It's ok!! Merry Christmas!!I Happy New Year!!! Happy MLK Day!!! I know!! I know same s#?% It really is not easy finding your peace, your niche, in this world or even in yourself. I have been off from work the day time gig for the last 10 days and I figured out one thing I DON"T WANT TO GO BACK! On Thursday I did one hour of day time work just reconciling my credit card, before the month close date which is the 25th. I was a total bitch ask my guy and my teen. It was like I transformed. I was a happy pleasant sugarpop all these days, hours, minutes, and seconds until I had to do that little 60 mins of torture. Minus that hour I was having a pretty great time and it was a staycation!!!

I did background acting for an up and coming NBC show and let me tell you Monday it was freezing single digit freezing. The tears were freezing once they left my eye and some how I enjoyed myself 14 hours of it. Tuesday went food shopping with my guy. Wednesday, Rosie and I went to see my cousin perform stand-up down in the city. She was great!!! I updated my social security card and drivers license and I even enjoyed doing that. I did some walking and even that was great!! Saturday went to see Aquaman with my guy.Stuffed my face with pretzel bites dipped in nacho cheese and some extra buttered popcorn!! Sometime all at Seriously I did it's the perfect combo. Just dip the pretzel bite in the cheese and then in the popcorn!! EPIC!!! YOU ARE WELCOME!

Now here it is Sunday 10:30am and I am all ready dreading tomorrow maybe I'll get lucky and fall down the stairs not too bad, but good enough to have some more days of

Thanks for staying with me through my lacks!!! The goal is to post every Sunday and Wednesday... Today I am actually going to post twice... You'll see!!!

I had more pic but for some reason they won't load.


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