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Mommas Need a SpaDay

It's a spa day yeaaaahhhh This one every mom and woman should indulge in! That's an order DO IT!! So after a fab Sunday at PopSugar Play/Ground Rosie and I randomly had Friday off and spent the the whole day at Sojo Spa Club. Thanks SugarQueen!!!! Rosie is the best!!!

We went to every sauna, therapy room, pool and bath and it was the most relaxing and exciting day ever. It's a no shoe set up which I thought was weird until after about 15 mins and I was like this is great I love it. The saunas heat range any where from 176 degrees to 196 degrees. Fix ya face that is amazing!!! The therapy rooms range from 50 degress to 192 degrees it is so amazing. Trust me your body will thank you for it!! The baths and pools range from 69 degrees to 104 degrees. The pools are infused with various elements to define each experience and we loved each one. The only one pool we didn't love was the Foot Massage Path it was not relaxing at all for us. It was the first thing we did once we stepped out on the spa scene. Glad we did that and got it over with. The Foot Massage Path you are walking on different types of stones there is a beginners side, and I guess a pro side but they both seem the same foot death. Walking on rocks not my thing I am not that enlightened yet I guess. It did make for a good photo You pay one admission fee and you have access to all the saunas, pools, baths, and therapy rooms. If you want like a facial, massage, scrub basically a service that's extra, but to be honest it really wasn't needed we felt amazing!!! Can't wait to do it again. Every woman should definitely #spalife. We do sooo much and the type of unwind is required. Ohhh and after we left the spa we had some red mango. That also was my first time. FYI their vanilla wafers are bootleg... soooo disappointing.. (insert tears here) Sorry I was holding this fab info in. Now go grab your girls and make a spa day!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!! We are due for another real soon....Ohhhh food was pretty good they have a restaurant, food court, and grill. We opted for the grill we had chicken sandwiches, fries and soda. Not too bad on the pricing.

SideBar: I know I know I have been in the gym ever since anywho I love me and all that extra there is... Still I am in the gym now sooo stop Now go call the girls and go to Sojo!! Your welcome!!


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