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Hair Struggles

I just want beautiful fabulous hair without the struggle! I watch all types of YouTube videos and nag my curlologist daughter. Still I can't get it together. A few weeks ago I made fermented rice water it is suppose to do wonders for your hair. It's packed with amino acids, vitamins B, C, and E all help in hair regeneration and faster hair growth and I want my hair to reach my bra It's fermented rice water which is suppose to be better and a more potent... keyword is fermented that shit stinks!! Lawd!! Each night this week I have been spraying my scalp and hair with the rice water and then rubbing argan oil and vitamin E oil onto my scalp and hair 1) it's good for the hair but 2) and really should be 1 it masses the smell of that damn rice water.... It's only been 3 days and I am ready to give up, but I want luxurious hair.... the Struuugglle

I have been rinsing my hair in the morning to get rid of the rice water, but today I did not do a good job.. I had to tell my co-workers that mattered to me to stay away I care too much for you to get a whiff of me like this.Wooow

I got my rice water recipe from the Hair Buddha website. I am going to try my best to keep this up for at least 3 months... You will see there are other ways to use the rice water for your hair like as a shampoo and a rinse. I know myself and trying to do this every other night or every night is what I know I can manager. I will totally forget about this when I am in the shower washing my hair officially. I love soothing smells during my shower or washing my hair not stinky rice water.

Aside from the rice water I am going to try and do some low hair manipulating styles. Bun, flexi rod, loose and anything else YouTube can give my challenged hands. I can create a beautiful cake but am completely thumbs when it comes to hair. Here are some YouTuber videos I have in my hair-pocket, I also put the roller video I used even though I am trying my best to stay away from heat, but every now and then you want straight hair. Ohhh an extra tip I take liquid Biotin every morning straight no putting it with juice or water or in a smoothie. I take it straight from the dropper.

1) Big Curly Bun Tutorial - I purchased the satin bun piece from amazon it's nice my hair could be a little longer to help

2) How to: Flexi Rod Set Natural Hair- I have done this twice the first time wow there!! The second time was beautiful

3) Jumbo Braid Goddess- I tried this twice again it was a struggle I will try again

4) Dope 3-Pony Braided- I have done this twice, if you read my blog my aunt basically ended up doing it, because you know my hands

5) Dominican Wash & Set- I can't do styles but girrl I can roll some hair

Side bar:I got my salon cart for all my little rollers and things and what not..... yassssss Seee those pics Oh I put the pic of me with hairstyle 4, because why not I look fabbie fab!! Next on my hair shopping list is the hair steamer! Check out Mo's video she'll tell you all about it.


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