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Happy Birthday to Me!! It's My New Year!!

It has been a week!! I am still determined to be all positive, think positive, all that Laws of Attraction feel good stuff. The damn devil has been working this week, from someone blocking our garage for 6 freaking hours after a long day at work and then the child driving me nuts!!! It was like what the fuck else!!! Then the bestie is like what you wanna do for your birthday and she suggested Day Party and Painting and sipping... So Day Party it is!! I wasn't hyped in the beginning day party screamed damn you getting old Tiqua no more get crunked what's next parties at the Shadow....lmfao Any-who Sierah and Zaria did my makeup and the man dressed me as I'm his mannequin. We got to the spot and it was LIT!! We had to wait like 40mins for a table we had a some Bacardi Rum Punch while we waited and the music was "our music" I was two stepping all through there!! We were finally seated and the food was delicious and we had the bottomless Rum Punch!! Oooooooou the devil Rum Punch is the devil!!!! We were both smacked, finished, done, leaning at 6pm on a Saturday!! Brunch did not stay in my system for long,,,lmao I didn't even cut my cakes!!!I did hit the banana pudding THANK YOU AUNTIE!!!! I was in bed by 9pm and Rosie doesn't even remember getting home...EPIC!!! We still got it..LMAO

Ohhh yeah Angel of Harlem is where the Brunch/Day Party check it out... Great spot!

And Now it's SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!! The man and I made a Big Mac Quesadilla together it was delicious!!! Even the child loved it!! One quesadilla fed the 3 of us...... and now I blog, relax, and watch the Eagles kick-some ass!!! Flllllllly Eaglle Flllllly lol

Ohhhh the FML to my Sunday I was paying a bill MINIMUM payment made a mistake and clicked PAY FULL BALANCE WTF!! $408.12 clearly RUM PUNCH was not completely out of my system!! Can we say SLAPS FOREHEAD yeah sooo Epic Weekend!!!!


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