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Set the Scene 1997...

I'm taking you back it's 1997, the location was Queens or Brooklyn, I don't remember it was 21 years ago. (oh geez I'm freaking young and hot) Anyways my friends and I sneaked... I mean we were INVITED to a music video shoot. It was AWESOME and if you watch it don't blink and tilt your head to the right and look by the window in the party scene at like around the 3:48 mins area you can see my hair and glasses. Oooooou! lmao! Man I had an awesome time. I remember it clearly. Fast forward to now I find myself wanting to do background work and this time getting paid for it........ah.. the hustle part..... So far since coming to this realization I have created a profile on Backstage and so far I have been booked 4 times and I got 1 request... Ooooou I'm in demand BooBoo!! I'm really enjoying myself. I need to do a new photo shoot to have some updated photos and more gigs will be just rolling in!! I got this that's my motto for the year and the name of my planner "You Got This"!! So keep your eyes open you might see me on your favorite show or a kickass Emmy winning movie!!! Yeaaah!!!

Celebrate yourself no matter how big or small if it makes you happy enjoy it!! Be your own hype gal!! Ohhh and today at the day timer I didn't lose my cool I just ordered a Domino's pizza had a slice on the back steps with a coke and wooosa!! Yesss I'm growing!! I am trying super hard to let some shit go!! It's my year SugarPops and I am going to rock this bitch!!


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