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This Life, This Mind, One

It has been a while since I posted. This blog was meant to show the hustle and bustle of momlife. I haven't really been taking the blog on the journey with me and I should. I have been in the process of really reprogramming my subconscious to curb negative thoughts and to really live a free life. It has not been easy, but it has been worth it I see a difference in myself and I have been trying so hard to stay on that path and manifest the life I envision for myself and deserve. Letting go of things and people that don't serve a positive purpose for me. I spend tons of time on YouTube subscribing to various channels that are inline with what I am trying to accomplish these are my top 4

I listen to them damn near everyday. I have various play list for certain times of the day. I'm not perfect, sometimes I don't feel like doing it but the truth is our minds have been brainwashed by society, TV, family, friends, the world we live in has been brainwashing us since day one. Look how much advertising companies spend creating adds to basically brainwash us. How many of you have a commercial or an image stuck in your head for a product. Or remember in high school you did what ever was popular for your click or did whatever to be apart of a click. BRAINWASH!! Why not brainwash yourself to create the life that you want for yourself. So that's where I am at in my life. I'm listening to YouAreCreators as I am doing this post now.

I realize you can't slack you can't let anyone or any old way of thinking detour you from giving yourself the life you deserve. I have done self hypnosis, affirmations, I have even created my own hypnosis recordings and it works. Clear your mind and focus it works Repetition is key. It really is the only way to reprogram your subconscious mind. Your life literally depends on it. If you love how things are going then nevermind. I needed to make changes I was not happy with myself. I have a great little family man, child, dog. Just need a ME outside of them what do I have? What do I want for myself? My days are long frustrating, not much room to do what I want to do, and I'm tired of it. How do I get the life I want for ME it starts within and that's what I'm doing. Join me! Create the life you deserve, live an abundant life.

Ohhhhh!!! Happy Halloween!!


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